HI-Q Pro - Detox

HI-Q Pro - Detox


HI Q Pro - Detoxifying - Premium Quality

Help Detoxing Colon and Blood.

1 box contains 12 sachets for 12  days

Hi Q Pro Hi Q pro

Hi Q Pro Detox Detoxification 12 sachets

benefits of dietary fiber
- Dietary fibers help flush out toxins.
- Helps to have good skin, beautiful face, reduce acne, blemishes, freckles.
- Dietary fiber helps relieve constipation.
- dietary fiber and weight loss Safe way, dietary fiber makes you full, reduces or skips dinner, dietary fiber.
Absorb glucose, dietary fiber, trap fat and excrete
- Dietary fiber and cholesterol reduction
- Dietary fiber lowers blood sugar.

Hi Q-Pro Components
- Dextrose (Dextose) is the name used to call glucose crystals (Glucose), which is a single sugar molecule. (Monosaccharides)
The body can use it. - Oligo Fructose (Oligo Fructose) increases microorganisms Lactobacillus and Nipic bacteria in the colon. Help reduce constipation.
- dietary fiber from apples It helps clean the intestines very well.
- dietary fiber from vegetables Dietary fiber helps in excretion. Prevent problems of diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids and diseases of
gallbladder, etc.
- Strawberries are fruits that are high in vitamin C and vitamin A, and these two substances. It is important to be able to free radicals.
- Garcinia Extract There is an important extract called Hydroxycitric acid inhibits the process of converting sugar into fat and also helps
excrete waste from the body
- Oats (Oat) is a fiber. Fiber Oat bran provides dietary fiber. The fiber gel binds to the nutrients. Especially the fat
fat and other nutrients not absorbed into the body And will remove food excreted through the feces, thus reducing fat chloride.
sterol in the blood Prevent and resolve constipation problems.
- Enzymes from papaya (Papaya Fruit Enzyme) help digest protein from eggs, milk, meat, nuts and protein foods.

How to take Hi Q-Pro?
Drink to detoxify, relieve constipation, drink 1 sachet a day before going to bed for 30 days.
Drink for weight loss, drink 1 sachet per day 15 minutes before dinner or drink instead of dinner for 30 days.

How to drink Hi Q-Pro
Put about 200 cc of cold water in a shaker glass, add Hi-Q Pro, cover the lid of Cheya 8-10 times, drink immediately and follow with 1 more glass of water.
Easy to drink like juice

FDA 10-3-04456-1-0001

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