Best for Dryness & Sensitive Skin. Best for your Kids (1 month+)

For skin dryness and irritation for children and adults are available for all skin types. With dry skin The skin is sensitive.

Experience the power of natural forces, comes the gentle combination of extracts with care and to help relieving the symptoms of skin . After being attacked by chemicals and the environment around . Why cause irritation . The mixture is packed with performance and technology of Liquid crystal skin care with nature.

Top Active ingredient of Service Switzerland. Drug treatment of inflammation of the skin that has been very popular and well known as the Swiss First Aid for Inflamed Skin Medicine of the Switzerland. The performance in terms of reducing inflammation of the skin from damage, relieve severe irritation of the skin, relieve the symptoms that result from trauma, burn, shaving or hair removal, insect bites, alleviate symptoms. itchy rash, red skin burns as a result of the destruction of chemical as well.

Core Ingredients :

- Sunflower Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, A, C and D and fatty acids, do not block pores. Suitable for all skin , especially sensitive skin. It improves moisture skin as antioxidants . Keeps skin firm and smooth and looks younger .

- Blackcurrant Seed Oil: Rich in rutin and other flavonoids help in the anti-oxidants as well. Ideal for those with skin allergies. Relief and easy In the treatment of inflammatory for sensitive skin. Reduce damage to tissue caused by mosquito bites. Reduce inflammation of the skin after shaving or hair removal to help relieve eczema. - Canadian Willowherb: Native Americans are used to extract fluid from Candiant Willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium) for numerous applications such as healing the wounds from burns and skin damaging rays UV.

Features of DEFENZA :

1. Relieves itching, burning, redness, swelling caused by the following.

  •  Skin damage from chemicals
  • The symptoms that result from heavily use on steroids.
  • Symptoms of the disease Eczema
  • Itching from insect bites, mosquitoes and ants.
  • Inhibition of inflammation in the skin are destroyed.
  • Heal wounds from burns and skin damaging rays UV.
  • Inflammation after shave or pluck.
2. Skin
  • Rich in omega 3, 6 strengthening Ceremide add strength to the skin.
  • Restore and balance the skin. Anti-oxidants reduce aging skin Balm treat skin the natural way. The skin feeling relaxed.
  • Add moisture to the skin dryness causes itching and irritation.
DEFENZA Best for children (1 month+) and adults are available for all skin types. With dry skin The skin is sensitive.

How to use: Apply to the skin area to be used regularly.
Warning: For external use only. Keep away from children. Keep at temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.


No Parabens                         No Methyl / Ethyl Alcohol                No Sulphates

No petrolatum                       No Nitro musks                                No Synthetic fragrance

No Silicones                          No EDTA                                            No Synthetic color

No Mineral Oil                       No Nuts                                               No Animal's by products

No Propylene Glycol

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