Yuri So-s

Yuri So-s

Yuri So-s is an innovative supplement to help reduce fat. From South Korea 
❌ not trembling, dizzy
❌ No chemicals
❌ Not sedative
❌ Does not cause stomach emptying.
❌ No yo-yo
❌ No caffeine

1 Box = 30 tablets

Eat 1 tablet 15-20 minutes before meals per day

The ingredients in Yuri So-s were awarded by the President of South Korea. ???? Patent production protection Unique in the world ???? Helps to reduce the proportion safely. Good health by helping
  •  Eat full faster, eat less
  •  Do not want to eat fussy
  •  Reduce the accumulation of fat And the absorption of sugar
  •  Sleep well, drowsy faster, deep sleep

FDA 10-3-06255-5-0018

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