HI-Q Pro Plus Detox

HI-Q Pro Plus Detox


HI-Q Pro PLUS - Detoxifying - Premium Quality

This Formula added chlorophyll and collagen. 

Help Detoxing Colon and Blood.

1 box contains 15 sachets for 15 days

Hi Q Pro Plus Components 

- Fructose 22%

- Apple fiber 17.66%

- Oat fiber 11.66%

- Powdered spinach 8%

- Powdered Strawberry 6.67%

- Powdered Raspberry 6.67%

- Powdered Blueberry 6.67%

- Powdered Chlorophyll 6.67%

- Powered Papaya 5%

Phyllium Seed Husk 4%

- Guar Gum 3%

- Citric acid 2%

Hi-Q Pro Features and Benefits

Detox is the clearing and removing the fiber are toxins in the colon jagged holes of exotics as toxic waste. May cause Colon Cancer If you have any of these symptoms should detox like breath dizziness, body aches, fatigue, no appetite uncomfortable bowel distension and other diseases.

The benefits of doing a detox to cleanse the bowel. Eliminate impurities and toxic waste that accumulates in the intestines to absorb. These wastes are usually excreted naturally does. If we do not take care of our colon Now. It may be harmful to our health. The cause of the disease, so the detox colon. It is the starting point Of their health care And family If you are the one who love their health. 

How to consume:
Hi Q PRO Plus: kiwi flavor. easy to consume, mix with cold water or juice in a shaker for about 150-180 ml. Mix Hi-Q to the closed lid and shake 10-20 time. Drink immediately and followed by a glass of water

Specific Purpose of Consuming.
- Drink to detox constipation 
     1 sachet daily at bedtime.
- Drink to lose weight
     1 sachet daily before dinner or replace the dinner.

FDA 10-3-04456-1-0002

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